Twitter: one bird is better than two

Okay so we’ve all heard the saying ‘two is better than one’, right?  Well, when it comes to Twitter ‘one is better than two’.


There’s still plenty for us all to learn about social media and once we finally get the hang of juggling our LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts there’s a brand new social media tool to add to our toolbox.  I suppose there’s more than one of us that have learned the hard way that having one Twitter account enough to handle without adding in another.  Then there’s the other boat load of us that still question whether we should have two Twitter accounts to separate our corporate and personal brands.  ‘Why one Twitter account is plenty’ by Jason Mollica on Ragan’s PR Daily is here to help us out.

Mollica (who does have two Twitter accounts) doesn’t think it’s necessary to have more than one Twitter account.  He states that “focusing on your personal brand can be difficult” and “the more honest you are with yourself and your audience, the better for your brand, and the better for your career as well” (Mollica, March 14, 2014).  There are several reasons that Mollica gives for why you should only focus on one Twitter account – time, confusion, transparency, noise, personality, and smarts.

My personal favorite of these reasons – smarts (read the others here:  This remains my number one reason why I feel no need to have two Twitter accounts to separate my personal and professional lives.  “Display some smarts”.  In other words – think before you tweet.  Not everything but the kitchen sink needs to be posted on Twitter.  If you wouldn’t want your grandmother reading it, you probably shouldn’t be tweeting it and chances are she might actually have a Twitter (it’s possible!).   Overall Mollica believes that showing some smarts on your Twitter shows that you considered your audience and your personal brand before you tweet.

In the article ‘Twitter 101: how to tweet your way to a strong personal brand’ on TheSavyIntern, it’s suggested that “if you MUST tweet about topics that are not “on-brand” for you [what you ate, what your kids are doing, etc.], set up a recreational or personal Twitter account” (, February 27 2014).  I beg to differ.  Do you REALLY need to tweet about those topics, so much that you’re willing to give up a chunk of our time to juggle two separate Twitter accounts?  Even if you only follow Mollica’s ‘smarts’ reasoning for only having one Twitter account, that should answer your question.

So tell me, is ‘two better than one’ or is ‘one better than two’?


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4 thoughts on “Twitter: one bird is better than two

  1. I agree with you that one twitter account should be sufficient. having more than one would make things complicated, especially when you already have so many SM accounts. However if you’re someone who can’t help but post things that may be less than acceptable then it would probably be a good idea to separate the two!

  2. This is a great topic and can certainly be applied across a number of other SM platforms. We could have this same discussion (or already have in some instances) regarding FB as well. There have already been a couple of great articles and blogs posted on that topic. The points that you bring up in your post resonate quite well, but are they enough to deter the individuals who find the freedom that a second Twitter account offers them. Balancing when to tweet and when to hold off is often difficult in it’s own right, and by adding a second account, it appears as though you have just doubled your anxiety. This isn’t always the case though. Some people thrive with this scenario. Companies also separate out different business units using differing twitter accounts. So, is there a way to pull this off as an individual? The trick here is to not become one of those casualties that self implodes by tweeting something on the wrong account. Think of all of the crises that have resulted from individuals tweeting personal opinions from their employers accounts – even if by accident. This could certainly happen as well when trying to brand yourself personally. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on whether 2 SM accounts on any SM platforms is necessary at any time?

    • ginaluttrellphd, You’re are correct that a lot of crises have resulted from what individuals have tweeted about on their employer’s accounts, but people have also lost their jobs over what they’ve tweeted on their personal accounts. Overall, I think that individuals need to think before their tweet, whether it’s on their business account or on their personal account. If it wouldn’t be appropriate to be on your business account, should you really be posting it on your personal account? If individuals consider that logic when tweeting, there should be no need for two separate Twitter accounts.

  3. I personally believe that there is no need for a person to create two different Twitter accounts. I know just from juggling different social media pages at work for the different brands we own that it can get very confusing and complicated at times trying to switch back and forth between all of them. I couldn’t imagine having to do that for personal accounts. I completely agree that thinking before tweeting something is the way to go. There are certain ways one should portray themselves regardless of having two separate accounts.

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